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The best alternative to a service van.

Transferable Slide-In Service Bodies That Is Compatible With Any Pickup Truck

Since 1972, Fibrobec has been offering fiberglass recreational boxes that fit all makes of trucks. Lightweight, affordable, and specifically designed for your truck, these boxes will meet the needs of people who want to protect their cargo for leisure or for everyday work.

Manufactured since 1992, the SpaceKap® is considered an attractive and environmentally friendly solution for businesses of all sizes. SpaceKapTM units are affordable, safe, reusable and transferable from one vehicle to another, turning any truck into a service vehicle.

Turn your pickup truck into a complete commercial service vehicle

All SpaceKap™ models are slip-in transferable service bodies that offer a universal fit for all full-size pickup trucks in the market with a 6.5′ or 8′ bed. You can easily install or remove the capsule from your pickup truck within a few minutes if you need to switch vehicles or replace your truck. Once fitted with shelves and ladder or step ladder racks, it keeps your tools and equipment safe and well organized, to save you time and money.



The Compak is ideal for those who work in the city and use underground parking. Once installed on your vehicle, the Compak blend into your truck design and ensured a smooth ride every time.


Our Wild service body is an excellent choice for anyone who needs plenty of space and convenient access. With an interior height that's 53 inches tall, you can comfortably move around inside the unit. Transform your work truck into a van; you will rely on a rugged solution.


The Diablo service body provides more than enough space to store all of those tools you need on-site and can quickly assist off-road or remote job sites with just one unit! Do you search to replace those high-roof vans? The versatility of our Diablo model is the perfect solution for you.


Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these boxes easily match the look of your truck. If you're looking for a practical, reliable and economical storage solution for your truck, these recreational boxes are the perfect choice.

Introduction to SpaceKap

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Our Accessories

Keep your service bodies organized and efficient with our accessories! We offer shelves, lights, ladder racks & more to make sure you can find what’s needed when it is most convenient for both workers on-site and management who may be remotely monitoring things from afar. Increase your productivity en meet your customer’s expectations faster.

Shelving Solutions

In partnership with Ranger Design, we created shelving systems that are customizable and easy to use, which increases the storage space of your Spacekap service body without sacrificing any of your preferences or needs. Need your service truck bodies fast? Our Quick Ship Packages (QSP) can ship within seven business days.

Ladder Racks

Keep your Spacekap service body organized and protected with a ladder rack system. Made for safety, these durable aluminum or steel structures can be installed on any model to give you extra storage space without sacrificing comfort. We have standard drop-down models designed to secure your truck and driver on the road.

Sliding Trays

Spacekap is always looking for ways to make your life easier, and our sliding trays are no exception. With the ability to conveniently store all of those materials you used during work in one place without taking up too much unnecessary space on-site or risking injury. Get what you need at the right time.

Other Accessories

Customize your service body with our selection of accessories, including lights, power inverters, and tubes, to create the perfect setup for you.

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