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Turn your pickup truck into a complete commercial service vehicle

All SpaceKap™ models are slip-in transferable service bodies that offer a universal fit for all full-size pickup trucks in the market with a 6.5′ or 8′ bed. You can easily install or remove the capsule from your pickup truck within a few minutes if you need to switch vehicles or replace your truck. Once fitted with shelves and ladder or step ladder racks, it keeps your tools and equipment safe and well organized, to save you time and money.

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Manufactured since 1992, the SpaceKap™ is considered an attractive and eco-friendly solution that meets the transport needs of businesses of all sizes. SpaceKap™ units are affordable, safe, reusable and transferable from one vehicle to another, to turn any pickup truck into a service vehicle. The pickup-SpaceKap combo is 12% more fuel efficient than a cargo van, making it the ultimate solution for truck fleets.


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