Shelving Solutions


In partnership with Ranger Design, we developed a series of shelving solutions called Quick Ship Packages (QSP). These standard shelving packages allow us to deliver retrofitted units within 7 business days. Ranger Design offers a wide range of high-quality and durable products that include: security partitions, drawer systems, shelve and folding shelves, bins, and ladder racks. The company not only provides robust and silent equipment, but also fast delivery and first-class service. Equip your truck with innovative interior designs to help you work better.


The SpaceKap Compak model was designed to give you 320° of accessibility to maximize internal space. The ergonomic design of this transferable service body allows you to work completely from the outside. This reduces the need to hunch over thus saving you from a potential back injury.

Package solutions for the wild

Ranger Design’s versatile shelving systems are easily adjustable, to accommodate any kind of cargo. Designed to organize and store, these interior shelving systems are contoured, to maximize the floor space and storage capabilities of your WILD.

Package solutions for the diablo

Ranger Design’s unique DIABLO shelving and storage bin systems combine the strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base, creating shelf trays that are strong, very quiet and surprisingly lightweight.