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Did you know that the famous designer Paul Deutschman contributed to the success of Fibrobec?

Did you know that the famous designer Paul Deutschman contributed to the success of Fibrobec?

Fibrobec was founded in 1972 by Robert Thibault. The company from Beloeil has been part of the Quebec landscape for over 50 years and is considered today as the largest manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps in Canada! A true visionary, Robert Thibault took advantage of the development of the recreational vehicle market to design the first models of fiberglass truck caps in the early 1970s: ‘Remember, at the time, the caps were made of aluminum. I wanted to develop a much more aesthetic product. And since I had some experience in boat construction, I decided to use the same ingredients!’

In its first year of existence, Fibrobec sold 72 caps. In 1973, it sold 650 caps. The following year? 2500 caps! And the progression never stopped…

In the late 1980s, Robert Thibault formed an alliance with automotive industrial designer Paul Deutschman. This Montreal native became one of the most respected automotive designers in North America. His work has appeared on dozens of automotive magazine covers. Deutschman led the design of a large number of projects, including for Porsche and on Corvette and T-Rex models.

More recently, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Hertfordshire in England in recognition of his exceptional contribution to automotive design.

‘I knew Paul; he agreed to collaborate with us and design, on paper, new units for Fibrobec. We owe him the Spacekap. It was a very good alliance!’ mentioned Robert Thibault. The renowned designer didn’t hesitate to partner with Fibrobec: ‘We met at the Montreal Auto Show. A few months later, I found myself in the Fibrobec factory drawing prototypes on napkins and plywood sheets! I was excited by the challenge of participating in something other than exotic cars!’ added Paul Deutschman.

In the early 2010s, Thibault was looking for successors to propel his company to new heights.

He met Frédéric Albert and Frédéric Chabanne, two young entrepreneurs looking to acquire a business. They became shareholders of Fibrobec. The founder, then 66 years old, remained in office for two years to pass the torch before taking a well-deserved retirement: ‘I immediately liked their attitude, their self-confidence, and their vision. Today, I am proud of what my baby has become. They have taken Fibrobec to another level and developed the American market.’

Fibrobec/SpaceKap is now visible throughout North America thanks to a network of authorized distributors and serves major American companies such as Enterprise, Lockheed Martin, FedEx Ground, and RiteAid, in addition to being present in 50 states.

Since this acquisition, Fibrobec has grown from 30 to 130 employees and has managed to quintuple its turnover. Enough to make its founder proud!