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Maximize the interior of your SpaceKap unit

Maximize the interior of your SpaceKap unit


SpaceKap is much more than just a box that overlays on your pickup truck to maximize your storage space.

Build your interior

Each SpaceKap model has unique features and offers basic functionality that can best match your needs. To discover them, visit our website to compare all the models. Looking to maximize your workspace and create a custom layout? We have custom fit packages made especially for the needs of certain trades such as electricians, plumbers or contractors. Because we know the issues you face daily.

Accessories for every taste and budgets

You need reliable and resistant products that will last over the years. Our shelving systems, designed in partnership with the company Ranger Design, are rugged. They combine strength and robustness; you can store all your tools safely and finally make optimal use of all the available space in your pickup truck. These shelves can be equipped with partitions, compartments, lockers, half-shelves at the extremities as well as storages to carry piping.

In order to make your service vehicle even more efficient, the Techno-fab ladder supports are what you need. Built-in durable aluminum, they are easy to install on the roof or on the side of your vehicle, making you gain space. These supports will save you time and money. With their 20-year lifespan, they are suited to the needs of fleet managers in maximizing the efficiency of technicians and their vehicles.

In order to keep your tools and cargo handy, you can also integrate a sliding tray into your unit.  Several combinations of sizes are available, depending on your needs.  It is also an ally in safety, it helps to eliminate the risk of back injuries, no need to contort yourself or lean to access your materials.

Because each solution is unique, contact us at 1-800-363-0655 to learn more (estimated schedule, cost, etc.).