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Jack Lord is appointed Business Development Manager in the United States

Jack Lord is appointed Business Development Manager in the United States


Montreal, May 14, 2019 – The management of Fibrobec / SpaceKap is proud to announce the appointment of Jack Lord to the position of Business Development Manager in the United States. This appointment reinforces the presence of the company in the United States to increase the notoriety of its SpaceKap brand.

With 30 years of experience in business development within major pharmaceutical and security companies, Jack Lord will ensure the development and implementation of the new market development strategy based on sustained efforts through direct marketing and the implementation of the marketing communication plan in the United States. Beyond the development of new markets, Jack will have the responsibility to establish the department in charge of providing support and developing programs in the US market. He will also continue his efforts to sell SpaceKap products in the Southern Territories and the West Coast of the United States.

Étienne Bouchard, General Manager of Fibrobec / SpaceKap points out that “Jack brings a sum of knowledge and experience in business development that has enabled the company to develop its sales in the United States in a remarkable way. Thanks to his remarkable involvement and strategic vision, he gives us the opportunity to set up an effective sales strategy through many service partnerships. ”

Jack has evolved within large companies in the field of safety and security throughout his career. He gained experience as a Branch Manager, then became branch Manager in Eastern Canada. Prior to joining SpaceKap, he was National Sales and Operations Manager for a large Fortune 500 company.