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SpaceKap units to save marine wildlife!

SpaceKap units to save marine wildlife!


Last March, the Mystic Aquarium, located in Connecticut, called on SpaceKap to purchase a unit for a particular use! Our experts have developed a special capsule; which has become one of their indispensable tools for the rescue of marine animals on the American East Coast.

A positive impact on the protection of the marine environment

Established in 1975, the Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program has the mission to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured or stranded marine animals, and release them along Connecticut’s Northeast Coast. Responding to more than 150 calls annually, an animal rescue team also supports other facilities in neighboring coastal states.

In order to provide safe transport for seals ready to be released, the facility turned to the Diablo model. A unique solution that offers a spacious interior and allows for varied and tailored interior arrangements, such as a sliding tray and winch. These additions allow a single person to easily slide the animal’s enclosure outwards.

In addition, the new vehicle of the Mystic Aquarium offers more maneuvering options to help animals: “We can now bring our vehicle closer towards the animal, if it is too weakened, we put it in the truck and start treating it right away before returning to the aquarium,” said Janelle Schuh, Animal Rescue Program Manager during an interview last May.

The release of harp seals

Happy with this newfound vocation for our units, members of the Fibrobec team went to the site to witness the release of three harp seals. It was quite a memorable scene!

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